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Below is a list of DLLs you can unregister to remove functionality that has been hooked into your system. Paint/photo programs, for example, can use a DLL shell hook so that explorer.exe is able to create thumbnails for proprietary graphic file formats. There are many reasons for a developer to create a shell extension, and just as many reasons to unregister it.

To unregister a DLL, click on Start, then Run..., then type: regsvr32 /u [path-to-DLL] and press Enter or click OK. If the path to the DLL contains spaces, enclose the entire path in quotation marks. To re-register the DLL, use the same command but without the /u flag.

DLLs listed below which have no path are in your system PATH and don't need to be referenced by a full path when registering/unregistering.

Company/product DLL name/path Function
7-Zip "%ProgramFiles%\7-Zip\7-zip.dll" 7-Zip context menus for batch packing/using
Adobe Photoshop "%CommonProgramFiles%\Adobe\Shell\psicon.dll" Explorer.exe .psd thumbnail capability
Adobe Photoshop "%CommonProgramFiles%\Adobe\Shell\aiicon.dll" Explorer.exe .ai thumbnail capability
Ahead Nero 7.x "%CommonProgramFiles%\Ahead\Lib\MediaLibraryNSE.dll" "Nero Scout" icon in My Computer
Ahead Nero 8.x "%CommonProgramFiles%\Nero\Lib\MediaLibraryNSE.dll" "Nero Scout" icon in My Computer
Ahead Nero InCD "%ProgramFiles\Ahead\InCD\incdshx.dll" UDF CD-RW format shell extension
Alwil avast! antivirus "%ProgramFiles%\Alwil Software\Avastx\ashshell.dll"
(where x is a version number)
avast! shell extension
(NOTE: path is version-specific)
America Online "%CommonProgramFiles%\aolshare\shell\us\shellext.dll"
(where us is a region, such as "us" or "uk")
My Computer icon
(NOTE: path is region-specific)
Apple iTunes "%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunesMiniPlayer.dll" iTunes MiniPlayer
ATI Control Center "%ProgramFiles%\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\atiacmxx.dll" Desktop context menu extension
Compuserve "%CommonProgramFiles%\csshare\shell\us\shellext.dll"
(where us is a region, such as "us" or "uk")
My Computer icon
(NOTE: path is region-specific)
Corel Paint Shop Pro X "%CommonProgramFiles%\Corel\PSPThumbShellExt\PSPThumbShellExt.dll" Explorer.exe .psp/.pspfile thumbnail capability
Corel WordPerfect Office X3 "%ProgramFiles%\WordPerfect Office X3\Programs\PFSE130.DLL" "QuickFinder" shell extension and QuickFinder .idx file format handler
ewido anti-spyware "%ProgramFiles%\ewido anti-spyware x.x\context.dll"
(where x is a version number)
Context menu extension
(NOTE: path is version-specific)
FileZilla Client "%ProgramFiles%\FileZilla FTP Client\fzshellext.dll"
"%ProgramFiles%\FileZilla FTP Client\fzshellext_64.dll"
FileZilla shell extension
Grisoft AVG "%ProgramFiles%\Grisoft\AVGx\avgse.dll"
(where x is a version number)

or "%ProgramFiles%\Grisoft\AVG free\avgse.dll"

Context menu extension
(NOTE: path is version-specific)
Grisoft AVG Anti-Spyware "%ProgramFiles%\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware x.x\context.dll"
(where x is a version number)
Context menu extension (NOTE: path is version-specific)
Hewlett Packard "%ProgramFiles%\Hewlett-Packard\HP Share-to-Web\hpgs2wns.dll" "HP Share-to-Web" desktop icon shell extension
Intel Graphics Accelerator drivers igfxpph.dll
Desktop context menu and hotkey functionality (respectively)
Jasc Paint Shop Pro "%CommonProgramFiles%\Jasc Software Inc\JascThumbShellExt\JascThumbShellExt.dll" Explorer thumbnail capability for Paint Shop Pro file formats
Logitech (multiple programs) "%ProgramFiles%\Logitech\ImageStudio\namespc.dll"
"My Pictures" or "Gallery" icon in My Computer
Microsoft Office msimtf.dll
Alternative User Input Text Input, ctfmon, Language Bar
Microsoft Windows Live Messenger "%ProgramFiles%\MSN Messenger\fsshext.x.x.xxxx.xx.dll"
(where each x is part of the version number)
"My Sharing Folders" icon extension for My Computer
(NOTE: filename is version-specific)
Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 wmpshell.dll Controls these entries on the context menus of media files: Add to Sync list, Add to Burn list, Add to Now Playing list, Add to Playlist..., and Play with Media Player
Microsoft Windows XP audiodev.dll Portable Media Devices Menu shell extension
Microsoft Windows XP cabview.dll Internal cab file functionality
Microsoft Windows XP cscui.dll Client Side Caching UI (Offline Files Folder Options / Offline Files Folder)
Microsoft Windows XP msutb.dll Microsoft Language Bar shell extension
Microsoft Windows XP msieftp.dll Internet Explorer and Explorer.exe FTP view functionality
Microsoft Windows XP photowiz.dll Photo Printing Wizard functionality and DropTarget Object for Photo Printing Wizard
Microsoft Windows XP shimgvw.dll Explorer.exe image thumbnails, Windows Picture and Fax viewer, and many more (unregistration not recommended)
Microsoft Windows XP shmedia.dll Explorer.exe video thumbnails, .mp3 ID3 tag support, other .wav/.avi/.midi functionality, and generic audio/video metadata support
Microsoft Windows XP "%WinDir%\srchasst\srchui.dll" Animated Search Assistant
Microsoft Windows XP webcheck.dll "Web Site Monitor" - Subscription/synchronization manager
Microsoft Windows XP zipfldr.dll Explorer.exe zip file support
NetZero Internet "%ProgramFiles%\NetZero\Toolbar.dll" Internet Explorer toolbar ("ZeroBar")
NetZero Internet "%ProgramFiles%\NZSearch\SearchEnh1.dll" Internet Explorer SearchHook ("search enhancements")
NVIDIA display drivers nvshell.dll nView Desktop Context Menu / NVIDIA Desktop Explorer
OpenOffice.org "%ProgramFiles%\OpenOffice.org x.x\program\shlxthdl.dll"
(where each x is part of the version number
Support for displaying thumbnails of OpenOffice files
(NOTE: filename is version-specific)
RAR Labs WinRAR "%ProgramFiles%\WinRAR\rarext.dll" Context menu, Drop Handler, and Property Sheet shell extensions for WinRAR-supported file formats
RealPlayer "%ProgramFiles%\RealPlayer\rpshell.dll" and


RealOne Player context menu extension and search extension, respectively
Sony Ericsson PC Suite ""%ProgramFiles%\Sony Ericsson\Mobile2\File Manager\fmgrgui.dll" Sony Ericsson File manager desktop icon
TortoiseSVN "%ProgramFiles%\TortoiseSVN\bin\TortoiseSVN.dll" Tortoise SVN context menu extension
Webroot Spysweeper "%ProgramFiles%\Webroot\Spysweeper\SSCtxMnu.dll" Spysweeper context menu extension
Webroot Window Washer "%CommonProgramFiles%\Webroot\shellw~1.dll" Window Washer context menu extension
(Note: the long file name of "shellw~1.dll" is not known at this time)
WinZip "%ProgramFiles%\WinZip\wzshlstb.dll" Context menu, Drop Handler, Drag and Drop Handler, and InfoTip extensions for WinZip-supported file formats