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Welcome to the Lunarsoft Wiki! The comprehensive reference written and maintained by Lunarsoft Members.
Popular Pages
PC Cleanup
Guide to remove spyware and adware from your computer.
PC Security
Guide to help prevent and protect your computer from infections.
Anti-Malware Toolkit
Documentation on the program that downloads anti-malware programs and more.
A miniature encyclopedia of freeware for Windows.
Online Services
A listing of free and useful services found online.
Safe Mode
Details on how to boot your computer into Safe Mode.
Post a screenshot
A friendly guide to help users post images on our forums.
Blocking Malware and Advertisements Safely
Steps on how to correctly block malware and advertisements.
Recommended Pages
Product IDs
Information about the type of Windows installed.
Data Recovery
A guide to help recover data from failing media.
Details on how to remove context menu extensions safely.
STOP errors
Information on common STOP errors.
System Volume Information
Describes methods to recover from severe registry issues.
A list of possible keys to access the BIOS.
Creating memory dumps
cluberti's useful guide to creating memory dumps to resolve computer problems.
Clearing browser cache
Instructions on how to clean the cache for your browser and mobile devices.
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