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I am a computer professional in the Minneapolis, MN metropolitan area. What do I mean by "Computer Professional" you ask? Well, I work with computers and get paid for it. What do I do? You name it, I am a personal "Geek Squad" to a number of individual clients in the Twin Cities metro area. I go to their houses and fix/update/build their computers. I get rid of infections, and provide protections (enter the Anti Malware Toolkit). I also provide support and assistance with any number of computer based projects, from creating resumes, and cookbooks, to websites and databases.

I am also an instructor with Minneapolis Public Schools ~ Community Education. The courses I teach are designed as short adult enrichment courses, and they cover a wide range of computer based topics from "How to buy the right computer for you" to a full set of courses on using Microsoft Office 2007 (Word and Powerpoint).

For fun, I play Guild Wars and am an administrator on GuildWars Guru as well as the official Guild Wars Wiki. I hope my knowledge of MediaWiki and wikicode will be of assistance here.